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The National Disability Insurance Scheme

Early Connections –Port Macquarie/Hastings (Hastings Early Intervention Program Inc) are a registered NDIS Provider and have been awarded Third Party Verification. This process ensures that our services are of the highest quality and are in line with evidence based best practice as well as the National Disability Standards.

The NDIS scheme will commence in the Port Macquarie and Hastings region in July 2017.Clients within the region who meet the NDIS eligibility will be phased in from this date.Please discuss this with your Key Worker or call our Manager on (02) 6583 8238 to discuss

this further.

The NDIA (agency) will either meet with you or have a phone discussion about your child and the goals you have for them. Your funding package will be worked out with them and then you have the choice of who you would like to provide services for your child.

Early Connections – Port Macquarie/Hastings staff will assist existing clients to go through preparations for the transition to the NDIS. This involves setting clear goals for your child and family and developing a Service Plan that outlines how our service can help you work towards these goals. The steps involved in developing this plan may include:

• Enrolment into our program – this may involve an assessment such as an ASQ (Ages and Stages Questionnaire) and observational assessment. Additional therapy specific assessments may be required to determine eligibility. A Service Agreement / Enrolment form will be used to gather your information and outline our service delivery options.

• The Key Worker will work through a Routines Based Interview with the family and sometimes child care/school staff in order to get a clear idea of the areas within your child’s daily routines you would best like to work on.

• From the RBI a set of goals are set with you and a Service Plan if formed. Within this Service Plan you can discuss and choose which additional therapy or educational streams you would like access to and they will join your team. This team forms what is called a Transdisciplinary team and together they will work with you on your child’s various needs.

• In the event that you choose to have individual therapies with us this can be arranged.

The goals in the Service Plan can be used in your discussions with the NDIS staff when they are assisting you in devising a funding package for you.

It is also advised that you start gathering your documentation such as diagnosis reports, therapy reports etc and ideas about what you want for your child.

For more information on the Key Worker / Transdisciplinary model see our resources page.

What if I need more help with the NDIS?

  • You can talk to an organisation that you are currently working with for guidance.
  • You can contact NDIS – Ph: 1800 800 110 or at

NDIS Resources: