Early Childhood Intervention Program

Our service provides education and therapy programs for families with preschool aged children (0 to 6 years) with diagnosed disabilities and developmental delays living in the Port Macquarie – Hastings local government area. To ensure the best outcomes for families and children, the service offers a family centred practice. This means staff work alongside family members and other professionals to provide a flexible service to meet the individual child’s needs.  We focus on supporting the child in their natural environments and in their everyday experiences and activities.

Our programs are evidence-based focusing on developing skills and may be offered at the Centre or at other locations depending on the family’s needs.  A team of highly trained transdisciplinary professionals are available to work with families and to plan an individual program which is monitored and assessed at regular intervals.

As part of the service you receive from Early Connections – Port Macquarie & Hastings, you and your child will be allocated your own Keyworker. Your keyworker:

  • Assist you in developing goals specific for your child
  • Is the primary contact between you and our transdisciplinary team
  • Is the primary contact between our transdisciplinary team and all existing services supporting your family
  • Shares information about your child’s development, success and achievements with other team members
  • Gives information and advice which allows you to navigate services, understand professional terminology and practices and access resources.
  • Supports you to implement the recommendations made by the team into:
    Your family’s existing daily routine
    Your home environment
    Other places significant to your child e.g. the local playground
  • Offers you a flexible and responsive service that makes sure that the help you get changes with your child’s changing needs
  • Works very closely with you, your child and any other important people in your child’s life.

The Transdisciplinary Team includes:

  • University Trained Teachers
  • Speech Pathologists
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational Therapist

We provide the following early childhood intervention services:

  • Information and support that addresses the individual needs of the child and family
  • Play-based education and therapy programs based on the Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Standardised and play-based assessments for children
  • Transition support for children and their families to the next educational setting
  • Facilitated family support groups
  • Linking families to services and providing access and co-ordination of services
  • Collaboration with local early childhood education and care services, other child and family services and the broader community to improve access and participation of children with disabilities / developmental delays
  • Culturally responsive and inclusive programs to facilitate access to services
  • Education, training and workshops for:
    Local early childhood education and care services
    Other child and family services
    The broader community.

Our program is currently funded by ADHC (Ageing, Disability & Home Care) and DEC (Department Education & Communities) with shortfalls made up by fees, donations and community grants.

For eligibility or further information on our program, please call us on (02) 6583 8238.